Phone/Form Snapshot

Here was my Monday, just the phone calls and forms:

Call to Iowa City Ortho to get them to send a prescription here in town for Kiran’s next size up in Mitchell shoes (the special shoes he wears with his Ponseti brace at night, still, for his rocker bottom foot).

Call to DHS, waited on hold for ten minutes before I spoke with someone, only to be told I would need to speak to someone else and would receive a callback.

Received a callback!  Hurray for quick turnarounds!

Worked on Medicaid review form, wanted to poke my eyeballs out, second-guessed myself a million times, wrote in the margins, crossed something out, and ultimately decided the form was filled out to the best of my ability.

Received phone call from Kiran’s health and disability waiver case manager; she is required to check in and see how things are going, get updates on recent appts, etc. every month (We actually played phone tag a few times before we connected today).

Phone call from American Prosthetics and Orthotics to set up an appointment to get Kiran fitted for his new Mitchell shoes.

I was on the phone five times today.  Five.  Times.  I HATE phone calls.

If you ever wonder what a stay-at-home special needs mom does with “all her time”…. I don’t even have anything nice to say after that 🙂


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