First Day of Preschool!

I had a lot of anxieties leading up to today, but really, I was surprised how well it all went.  I only cried a little – and it wasn’t at dropoff!

I am lucky that Kiran’s early access physical therapist who will continue with him through age 21 is also my good friend.  She was in the classroom with Kiran today and sent a couple pics and nice messages, so we got to see him partway through the day.

His preschool teacher also sent a message midday to let us know everything was going well.  And we got a nice email from the school nurse after the day was over to let us know his first lunch at school, via tube, went well.

He was happy when I picked him up and TIRED.  I will be curious to see how long he naps this afternoon!  His teacher said the day went well.  He had no fussiness or fits (These are few and far between at home, but I am happy to hear that is translating well to the school setting).  She said he was really tired, and they thought he might fall asleep in the swing at recess (He didn’t!).  She said he definitely made a few friends.  She said no one (apparently OT and Speech were both there today, as well – he got to see all his therapists on his first day!) was happy with the seating at snack time but they ordered a cube chair tray since he sits so well in that chair.  Thankfully, we have a cube chair tray, so we will send it along to school on Thursday for them to utilize until theirs arrives.

Makes me feel good to solve a problem.  I’m still relevant!

At pickup was my first interaction with any of the other preschool parents.  I introduced myself to the first two who walked up.  One is the mom of twin boys in Kiran’s class, and she made a point to turn around and have her boys interact with Kiran when we headed toward the car.  That really made my heart happy.

Overall, honestly, it went so well today.  I’m still dragging my feet as far as this being a *permanent* situation, but I will get there.  It is going to be so, so good for Kiran, and honestly, everyone today made his first day really easy on this anxious mama.

Day One, done.  No preschool on Wednesdays.  Back at it Thursday morning, on our way to making this our new normal.

And hey.  Kiran is three.  He is a preschooler.  We made it.  I am so, so, SO thankful we are here, together.


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