There were things I wanted to write about last week.  I don’t really remember the feelings or thoughts I was having in those specific moments, but the writing didn’t happen.  I was out of commission with a long-lasting bug that was no fun at all.  For three days.  I really, really, really hope the last two weeks are not indicative of this cold/flu season for Kiran and me.  Yikes.

Back in the swing of things today and had to hit the ground running.  Dropped off preschool registration paperwork – finally – it’s been filled out for a couple weeks now, mostly – and only cried on the walk back to the car.

When you have an extensive to-do list because you’ve been in bed for three days, it is easy to push aside the emotions and just keep moving forward.

Kiran has his IEP on Wednesday morning.  It feels overwhelming to me.  We have an amazing early access team that I truly feel have Kiran’s best interests in mind – and, after meeting with the preschool teacher and associates, I truly feel they do as well.  That helps.  I am hoping it will feel very collaborative and accommodating.  Nothing has given me reason to think otherwise.  Still, it’s daunting going into it.

Just keep moving forward.  It’s a long road ahead, but we journey together.


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