Brief Breath

I feel like this weekend provided a brief breath – a very brief break from what has been consuming our lives and will be the rest of this month – the preschool transition.

It was a bit of a wonky weekend, which ended up working out really well for my current situation.  Kiran went to his dad’s Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, my brain got a break because my body was working a catering event, preparations all day and working all evening.

Sunday, the break continued with a relaxing morning, and a work-related lunch, preparing for another catering event this month.

Sunday afternoon, Kiran got to come with me to a birthday party, and he got to ride a unicorn!  Yep.  A nice miniature pony ride, complete with fairy-tale features.  The second ride, he was like a pro.  This was a really great experience for him to have for many reasons, but especially since I have been considering therapeutic horseback riding for him in the near future.  I think it would be a really neat thing for him to experience, and this gives me the confidence to check into it for real.

Sunday night, I got to be with family.  We ate delicious leftovers (a perk of catering with a talented chef) and just spent time together.  It was the perfect ending to a busy but important weekend – other than I could tell I was starting to lose the battle I was waging against this cold.

Which brings me to today.  Kiran and I had a couple errands we HAD to run this morning, and then, due to how crappy I am feeling, we laid on the floor and read books until lunchtime.  He’s been napping since noon, and I am about to wake him up to go spend the rest of the afternoon/evening with his dad.

Things don’t often work out this way, but our Sunday-Monday trade this week means this sick, achy mama gets to spend the rest of the day in bed.

Good thing – cause tomorrow, brief breath is over.  October is BUSY!



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