Busy Hands, Idle Mind?

I have been keeping myself ridiculously busy today.  I have found several unimportant, non-time-sensitive tasks to keep every moment occupied.  It is because, today, I want an idle mind.  If my hands do not keep busy (and thus keep my mind occupied with the minutiae of everyday life), I will have too much time to think.

And, in case this hasn’t become apparent yet: When I think, I worry.

Wednesday is a day I have been waiting for, for months now.  It is finally time.  Now that it is here, I don’t want it to be.  I’m not ready, even though I have been ready for months.

That is always the way, isn’t it?

Kiran will be getting his brain MRI on Wednesday.  It is my understanding we will not receive any results right away (though a part of me is simultaneously hoping/not hoping this won’t be the case).  We *should* have results by the end of the week, via a phone call from Kiran’s genetic ophthalmologist.

I would appreciate prayers at 10 am on Wednesday.  He will be going under anesthesia for this.  It is always hard on me.



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