Cage Testing

Tomorrow will be Kiran’s last day in the cage for his intensive physical therapy program.  Testing was done today to make sure we would have enough time to get it done, and he did great!

Last time we started the session, he started at 87 assist points and by the end of the 10-week session, he was down to 70 assist points (It’s like golf – lower score is better).  He retained a lot of his progress over the course of the four months in between sessions and started out this session at 76 assist points.  This was an 8-week session, and he tested today at 60 assist points!  This is amazing progress, as his PT stated a good cage session is usually an average gain of 14 points, and he has had two sessions with even better results!!!

From watching the testing and hearing his therapist’s feedback, I would say his greatest gains were in quadruped (hands and knees) and sit-to-stand.  She was even able to test marching this time – it wasn’t even possible for her to attempt with max support last session.  He has really grown a lot stronger, and it was so cool today to see just how much progress he has made over the last two months!


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