Exhaustion Epiphany

Yesterday was beautiful!  Kiran and I enjoyed some time at the park in the afternoon.  He did such a good job sitting and going down the slide – he didn’t try to throw himself back once!  We did some more good practice with stand-to-sit at the bottom of the slide every time too – gotta get our physical therapy in!

He really enjoyed sitting and playing with the wind chimes, too.  Music continues to be a big motivator and enjoyment for him, which makes this music-loving mama very happy.

As I was watching all of the other kids running around playing – big and little – a thought occurred to me.  In the day-to-day care of Kiran, I never get a break.  When he is with me, it is hands-on, always.  Most caregivers with kids his age get breaks – the kids play with toys independently or they can take them to the park to run around.  Kiran is still largely learning HOW to play with toys, so he still needs someone to show him and interact with him while doing so.  And he isn’t mobile, so playing at the park is hands on too.

It was just kinda a light bulb moment, one I think most special needs parents get: No WONDER I’m exhausted at the end of the day!


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