Phone Frustration

I appreciate the Department of Human Services.  I do.  They do a lot of hard work.  I appreciate the services Kiran has been able to get because of them – medicaid for kids with special needs practically his whole life – and now, the waiver for health and disability.

But man, I’ve had a frustrating week with them!  Also – is it a requirement that you either have to speak in monotone or have a mean-sounding voice to work there?  Genuinely curious.

Nobody explained to me that Kiran would transfer his medicaid from what he has had to the waiver.  So when I got the letter saying he had gotten the spot on the waiver and at the same time, got a letter that said his medicaid would expire February 1st, I was concerned.  I didn’t know how it worked, if coverage would change, if there would be a gap in coverage, if I needed to give his providers new information….

So I called my worker, the number on the waiver form, for answers.  I left her a message last week Monday.  And then Friday.  And then again this morning.  Yesterday, I finally tried the number on the other form, and it didn’t go through.  This morning, I tried again – and got a person!  Of course, they couldn’t help me but sent my info to a worker.  I promptly missed that callback (of course) and called again, only to have the call disconnected.

At this point, I was done.  Frustrated.  Practically in tears.  Worried.  One of those moments where the overwhelm just paralyzes you.

Then I got over it and called again.  Same thing.  Left all my information for them to have a worker call me…and then just sat and stared at my phone until I got the callback….

Finally!  Peace of mind!  There will not be a break in coverage; if the number had changed, I would have gotten a new card; everything should go smoothly!

I still haven’t heard from my waiver worker, nor have I had a call from a case manager to actually set up waiver services.  But at least I know his medical coverage is intact.



One thought on “Phone Frustration

  1. It IS a frustrating journey ! With my son on the spectrum, it was a huge mess every year ! Waiting on the phone for hours, literally, for someone to answer. For the most part, everything worked out, but every year, the same stressors and tears.
    You are an amazing advocate for Kiran … always let that be part of your strength. Being an advocate is a tough job … But … you got this !!


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