Iowa City Appts

Last week, Kiran had appointments both Wednesday and Friday in Iowa City.  My mom tagged along with us on Wednesday, so we could do some outlet shopping on the way home (Kiran will be SO CUTE this summer, especially with his new haircut now!)

Dermatology: This was just to have eyes on his birthmark and make sure we weren’t missing anything.  And we weren’t!  Everything looked normal, and we don’t need to follow up with her unless something changes.  Hurray for not adding another specialist!

Follow-up with eye surgeon: Right eye is looking fantastic!  He is very pleased, and he feels we no longer need eye drops in the right eye at all.  We decided to take the left eye down to just one dilating drop, instead of two, and see how things look in about a month.  It would be really nice to be completely done with eye drops, but I won’t get ahead of myself.  As always, we do what’s best for the little dude.

Friday, Arif and I took Kiran for his appointments.

Endocrinology: Because Kiran’s optic nerve is small, we want to make sure he is followed by the endocrinologist because oftentimes, pituitary gland issues can arise.  Kiran had labs taken, and they all came back normal this time!  But we do have to add this specialist to our team, in case problems come about in the future.

Lung perfusion scan: Kiran continues to be a rock star – and a hard poke for an IV placement.  He did really well for the scan, and Dr. R is pleased with the results.  His scan is stable and showed little variation from the last scan.  Dr. R said it is still showing a minor difference between the flow to the right lung and left lung.  He said it is likely they will need to balloon a pulmonary artery going to his right lung, which can be done in the cath lab.  We have to do a one year post-op cath anyway, for information-gathering purposes…so this simply means we should plan for an intervention during the cath.

All in all, pretty good news all the way around!  And yesterday, Kiran and I saw Dr. M from Iowa City (but here – yay for outreach clinics!) for his feet.  His feet are still looking good, and we were told to continue doing what we are doing.  Dr. M said for rocker-bottom feet, he likes to keep the brace on until they are 3 or 4, dependent on when they start walking and how all of that develops.  We would love to be done with the brace at bedtime – boy does Kiran fight it now! – but then, none of us really know any different.  The brace has been part of his routine almost his entire life, from about 1 1/2 months old.

I was dreading the busy appointment weeks – and actually, we see the pediatrician for his 18 month check-up tomorrow so the appointments aren’t over! – but all in all, we received wonderful news.  And we know he’s doing well when we realize this is the first time we have made it from one wellness check to the next without a pediatrician visit in between!  THREE WHOLE MONTHS!


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