Lung Perfusion Scan Results

I am normally much quicker at blogging about results that come in – I know many are quite invested in Kiran’s story, so I apologize.  While I have yet to get a phone call from our cardiologist (I assume because of the holiday season), the test results showed up on mychart on Friday.

I would like to think I have gotten quite good at reading medical paperwork.  Kinda.  Here’s what I know: It’s not much different from the prior scan.  This is good news.  The percentage of blood going to the left versus right lung is 52/48 – this is good.  We want those numbers to be as close to 50/50 as possible, and given Kiran’s anatomy, this is an incredible ratio!

I was not aware Kiran has a “decreased perfusion in the right upper lobe”, but apparently this is “similar to the prior scan” so I’m not concerned.  This basically means less blood is going to the right upper lobe than is going to the left upper lobe.  However, all other lobes are relatively similar (They essentially looked at the top third, middle third, and bottom third of both left and right lungs).

The Impression states as follows: “Grossly stable lung perfusion scan with decreased perfusion in the right upper, with a right-to-left lung perfusion ratio of 48% to 52%.”  I like the word stable.  A lot.

I doubt I will hear anything different from our cardiologist – This was a good test result.  He is stable, not much has changed since his scan in September, and we will have another scan in March to continue monitoring his bloodflow.


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