The Scan

The scan that started it all. When I initially started asking questions about sedation protocol for the lung perfusion scan, it opened up a can of worms I had little idea even existed. It became the catalyst for stepping back and examining our care choices for Kiran. Ultimately, it helped us in our decision to move his care back to Dr R in Iowa City. 

We continue to feel confident we have made the right decision. 

Today’s appointment started with the most unpleasant thing – IV placement. For whatever reason, Kiran has always been a difficult poke. It took them two tries, and Kiran was VERY upset (and rightly so). I was holding him and the child life specialist, Arif, and I were all trying our bags of tricks to calm him, to no avail. Kiran has never been easily calmed. This mama almost burst into tears as well, but we all made it through. 

He gets MAD, but he also gets over it pretty quickly. He even gave the nurses a little smile before we headed to nuclear medicine. 

Even though we were told the sedation protocol was to use it at Kiran’s age, they were willing to try first without. AND KIRAN ROCKED IT!  They had to do four pictures, two minutes each, and he was still for all of them. We only had to try once, and no pictures needed to be repeated. 

After all the craziness and drama around this procedure, I am so so so thankful Kiran was his usual easygoing self. 

We are lucky. 

And now, we wait for the results. We will have the test results in mychart by this afternoon, and we should get an explanatory phone call from Dr R by early next week with what they mean.  Our hope is that nothing has changed. 

So glad to have all of these medical appointments behind us. Next week is a week full of therapy appointments. Onward!


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