I am not someone who deals well with change.  Good or bad, it causes a lot of anxiety in me – not to mention so many emotions.  A big change has been in the backs of our heads for the past few months, and we are beginning the process now.

I will not get into the specific reasons why we have made this decision, for this blog, while being a megaphone for CHD awareness, will not be used as a megaphone for other issues at this time.

We are moving Kiran’s primary cardiology care to Dr. R. in Iowa City.  We have an appointment with him tomorrow and will discuss with him this transition.  We feel very strongly it is in Kiran’s best interest, and he will receive the best care there.

I want to say this: I am very emotional about this.  It is a BIG deal.  Dr. M. has been an amazing cardiologist – he has been a constant in Kiran’s life since birth.  He has talked me off the ledge many times this past year, and he has been an excellent part of our medical team.  We have loved working with him, and we are sad to be saying goodbye.

But – as life has calmed down – as we have taken an objective look at the past year – all we have experienced, all we have learned, the medical advice given from various sources – we must do what is right for Kiran.  Every decision we have made throughout his entire life has been the very best decision we could make at the time, with the tools we had, with the information we had, with the capacity we had….

We will continue to do so.  We will build up our arsenal of tools.  We will gather the information from our growing body of sources.  We will hopefully gain greater capacity as our rockstar son continues to move forward in his journey with CHD.


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