Wind in the Sails

Smooth sailing. That is what I have been thinking about Kiran’s recovery path. Nothing alarming. Model patient. 

We were about to be transferred to the floor. As in, our nurse had just made the phone call to the doctor about Kiran’s new development as the team to do the report for the transfer was filing in around his bed. 

For no discernible reason, Kiran’s heart rate jumped up to the mid to high 180’s (his normal, while calm, is 120’s/130’s). He was calmly lying in bed, awake, but for 20 minutes at least, his heart rate stayed that high. It was his first episode like this, and he hasn’t shown any other reasons for it – no fever or infection – and heart rate came back down to normal without intervention. 

Needless to say, we didn’t get to go to the floor last night. We did get the luck of the draw and were moved to a more private room in the CVICU (I’m not sure I mentioned – this whole time we have been in a large room with several other patients – it can be stimulation overload in there at times). 

He rested well overnight, but had one more heart rate episode around 10:20 or so. He was fast asleep, and his heart rate jumped up 30 points (to the 160’s this time). They did a 12 lead ECG (He has 3 leads monitoring him at all times but 12 gives them a better look at what his heart is doing). Everything looked normal. The plan is to get anther echo today to see if his blood flow is looking like it should. We won’t be sent to the floor until those results are back and are normal (please pray they are and this is just some weird fluke). 

Yesterday was hard for me.  This has been a rough road, and yesterday was the first day I felt like I might crumble right to the floor in a massive puddle of tears. This happens when I have been strong and steady for so long during times of anxiety and stress like this. 

I know yesterday was also rough on daddy, grandparents, and Kiran’s adopted family who follow our journey closely. We feel your love and support. Please don’t stop the prayers and thoughts.  We need it through these rough patches of withdrawal, uncertainty, and as we continue on the road to recovery. 


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