New plan: no echo today. There will be a discharge echo done before we go home anyway. I guess they did 2 EKGs overnight, and they want to have the electrophysiologist review them and possibly look Kiran over.  He hasn’t had any other episodes, and no one seems concerned. It would be very abnormal for him to develop an arrhythmia this many days after surgery. We may never know what caused these episodes, but they are ruling out what they can. 

The plan is still to go to the floor later today, unless something changes. 

The lung perfusion scan came back about as perfect as can be: it was 53%/47%  They want it close to 50/50. I’d say Kiran continues to be an overachiever like his mama. 

We are one week post-op!  We plan to celebrate later on with a wagon ride through the hallway. 


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