Lines Coming Out

We are moving forward today. Kiran had a stable night. They weaned his dopamine down from 5 to 3. His respiration rate was changed to 10. This means the ventilator is initiating ten breaths per minute, but he is able to breathe on his own around it as well. We are seeing more and more breaths being initiated by him which is lovely to see. 

He had to have a couple doses of sedatives overnight, but only when he got agitated due to them doing assessments, changing positions, etc. The night nurse said he wasn’t as easily consolable without his mom and dad there to help. 

His sedation drips remained the same, though, which is good news as we move forward toward extubation hopefully this afternoon. They also increased his diuretics (to ensure no fluid buildup in the lungs) and stopped his food (which was only a slow trickle anyway), also in preparation for extubation. 

They have pulled out two of his invasive pressure lines – they were actually in his heart measuring blood pressures from the source. In a little while, they also plan to take out the rectal thermometer and the foley (catheter – placed in his bladder to catch urine). 

So – things are coming off!  Slow and steady. 

The big thing that came off last night, though – his scar bandage. His zipper scar is now open to the air to allow for faster healing. At around 2 am, I came in and saw his scar for the first time. Fellow heart moms, you prepared me for so much, but I don’t remember being told about this. Every. Emotion. Came. Rushing. Back. From diagnosis to today. That scar is a very visual, intense reminder of our journey thus far. Kiran’s strength. The seriousness of his condition and the surgery. Just everything. I was overwhelmed with it all, and it took me a long time to stop the tears. 

I continue to be amazed at how strong Kiran is. I continue to be amazed at the pockets of strength we continue to find as we step forward each day. We’ve got this. 


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