And even more confessions

When I clip Kiran’s nails, I don’t even attempt to keep the clippings together.  I just let them fly willy-nilly onto the family room carpet.

Sometimes I don’t give Kiran a bath, even when it’s bath day.

There have been days I have opted out of the second dosage of eye drops, because it is sometimes just too hard. (This has no significant medical bearing on him; don’t worry!)

Kiran has been known to sport his pajamas for an entire day after sleeping in them.  I do always put a fresh pair on before putting him to bed!

I take about two hours in the middle of the day, as often as I can, to drive to a location to take a walk with Kiran.  I could pretend that this is for him – he gets fresh air, gets to see outside, etc. – but really, it is for my own sanity.

I have never once felt guilty about leaving Kiran with a babysitter.  (This may be partially because we have the best babysitters ever!)

I never thought I could love someone this much.  I am not a perfect person or a perfect mother (I know, this comes as quite the shock to most of you!), but I know I am the mother Kiran needs.



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