I wish, sometimes, information could come to me wrapped in a nice, neat little package, tied with a pretty bow.  I wish it could come exactly how I want it to – without provoking more questions or inducing more anxieties.

Then again, I wish a lot of things that just aren’t meant to be inside this reality.

Everything happened all at once today, like it tends to.  I was on the way to an impromptu doctor’s appt with Kiran (he has hand-foot-mouth disease, fun!) when I missed three calls from Arif and received a text saying the email from Stanford had arrived!  So, in bits and pieces, in the waiting room and between the nurse and doctor, Arif shared the news with me over the phone. (No, neither of us could wait one more second.)

Kiran is an excellent candidate for unifocalization!  This is wonderful news.  My biggest fears alleviated.  They will likely want to perform what they call an “intraoperative flow study” to determine if they can also repair his heart during the surgery.  This would be ideal – one less open heart surgery is always ideal.

They said they generally do these surgeries in the 3-4 month age range; however, given Kiran’s health, they recommend scheduling the surgery within the next 3-4 months, provided he remains stable.

So.  I feel like I am finally wrapping my head around what comes next.  First, I will be calling our local cardiologist to discuss this tomorrow.  He will help us determine whether Kiran is still “clinically stable” – I am going to push toward the side of 3 months versus 4 for scheduling surgery.  Secondly, we can now finally discuss if it is a good idea to move forward with the g-tube surgery.  I would like to get this done sooner rather than later, if it is safe to do so.  We may need Stanford to weigh in on this decision as well – I will likely be calling their surgical office tomorrow too.

And then it’s time to get a surgery DATE already….

Then I can call and discuss benefits with our insurance company.  I can make lists for what we will need for the hospital stay in California.  I can move forward, one step at a time.

July or August.  Kiran’s first open heart surgery (provided he remains stable for the next couple of months) will be in July or August, 2016.



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