Room Air

For the time being, Kiran has been successfully weaned from all oxygen. They turned it off at about 10:15 this morning. He is looking good with saturation so far; their only concern is when he is not resting and calm, he is working incredibly hard to breathe. There is no guarantee we won’t need to go back on the vapotherm today. 

We were reintroduced to the fact that when he is working hard to feed, we need to make sure he doesn’t get overstimulated.  So I got the opportunity to find some strength during rounds and let them know when we are feeding, we don’t want anyone coming in. He had a very fussy episode that was hard to calm him down from when his 9:00 feeding became a bit too busy with people wanting to come talk to us. 

I am trying to just prepare myself for whatever today will bring. Right now, it feels very promising, and like we may get out of here this weekend. But I also know he may show us he’s not ready to not have oxygen support, and we may be here longer.  Some babies need support for a couple weeks with rhinovirus. At least we almost have one week behind us, if that becomes the case for the K man. 

I still can’t say thank you enough, though I have been trying, to all of you who have reached out with encouraging words, spoken prayers on our behalf, brought us food, and done many other acts of kindness that mean so much to us right now. 

We are lucky. When it all boils down, that is my truth.  We are so lucky to have Kiran. He is the greatest little dude I have ever known, and he is such a fighter. Thank you for being on this journey with us. 


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