Kiran was stable enough to start taking feeds last night, starting around 10 pm. I am amazed he did as well as he did yesterday, because he went just over 12 hours without eating!

He has taken three bottles and done pretty well. We started slowly and have been increasing the amount with each bottle. He should be able to take his normal full amount with his next feeding. 

He rested comfortably through the night and is looking pretty good this morning. He is still breathing at a fairly high rate, so not sure they will lower the oxygen just yet. 

His daddy is missing us, and we are missing him. I let the doctor know, in no uncertain terms, that if Kiran’s condition starts worsening at all, we want to know ASAP so we can get daddy home. For the time being, it seems it’s safe to let daddy get his work done in DC. 

The nursing staff has been truly exceptional and, as many of you know, that makes all the difference during a hospital stay. 

Keep the prayers and thoughts coming; we so appreciate the encouragement!


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