Getting bigger

Kiran passed his hearing test last week!  It was good news I desperately needed. We will have to keep up on checking it, however, as babies that spend time in the hospital are more susceptible to hearing loss. But for now – he hears well!

He didn’t gain much weight last week between Tuesday and Friday – only one ounce – so our home health nurse (who we absolutely love!) set a goal for tomorrow. He seems to understand the implications of this, because he has decided to take more 85 ml bottles and a couple 90s thrown in at night when he goes a little longer in between feedings. We went ahead and bought a scale – we haven’t compared it to the nurse’s yet – but it looks like we should meet our weight goal tomorrow!  He weighed in on our scale at 8 lbs 10 oz this morning, which means he is officially 3 lbs over his birth weight in less than two months!  We will take it. 

I don’t even notice his growth since I am with him every day, but he has also officially grown out of his newborn clothes. Crazy. I am so glad we got so much use out of them; I know many aren’t as lucky!

My big boy:



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