Uncle Aaron

Fourteen years ago today, my brother left this world. I miss him often, but I especially miss him during the big moments of life. Bringing Kiran into this world and everything we have experienced so far on his heart journey is one of the biggest moments yet. I wish Aaron was here to witness his nephew’s strength. I wish he was here to provide that perfectly timed comic relief he was so talented at. I know he would have found the whole uncle thing hilarious and cool, and I wish I could have seen him in that role.

Kiran has already heard stories about his uncle, and he will hear many more as he grows older. His middle name came from his uncle, and I want him to know just how special that is. I hope he has the spirit and spunk Aaron had, as I think it will give him the energy and strength he needs to tackle his heart defect.

I had Aaron in my life for seventeen years, and I have now had Kiran Aaron in my life for seventeen days. Both boys have impacted me greatly, and I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for them. I cherish every moment – I never know how many I will get – but I am thankful for the ones I have lived and am living.


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