I got this.

We had Kiran’s annual waiver assessment meeting yesterday afternoon. One of the questions that was asked was on the scale of 1-10, how confident are you in your ability to provide care for Kiran. I answered 10.

Six years ago, days before he was born, I would have answered -800. Five years ago, just a month and a half after his open heart surgery, maybe I would have answered a 3.

But, days shy of 6 years into this journey, I answered a 10.

There are lots of reasons for this. The one I will share is that I DO recognize that in the past six years, a lot has been thrown our way. And every single thing, I have handled. I have figured out. I have learned. I have moved forward and done what it takes to keep Kiran safe and healthy and living his best life.

I am his mom. But even beyond that, I am his caregiver. And no matter what is coming, what has already happened allows me to know this one truth: I. Got. This.

I just need to remember.


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