Home Transition

“I need to hear I’m a good mom tonight.”

Two minutes later, I got a thoughtful text response. Not just a “You’re a good mom!” but an (albeit exaggerated) enthusiastic, specific response. With reasons.

This is why we make a good team.

Two weeks from yesterday, Kiran and I will be moving into our new home, the house Eric and I are buying together. We are going in as equal – but different – partners in every capacity, creatively: financially, emotionally, with an understanding of where our household upkeep strengths lie (He is good at cooking; I am good at cleaning).

A lot of fears have come up, for both of us. This is a big step, one that we are taking intentionally, after many many conversations over the last year. We are ready to be a family on a daily basis. In so many ways, we already have been, but certainly trying to do so in two separate households has its challenges.

Despite the worries, so many of our conversations in the last few weeks have brought me back to this: We are a good team. We know how to communicate well with one another. Not always. We have our fights during which we are not effective communicators. But we always come back to those topics later, when we are calm, and we are able to see where we got off track. I have never had a partner so good at taking personal responsibility, and I have no problem owning up to my many faults.

And when I just need a little boost, a little encouragement…he doesn’t roll his eyes or get frustrated with me; he doesn’t say “really?!? again!?!?”…he just responds. He just gives me the reassurance I need in that moment. Because of that, I’m not afraid to ask for it when I need it.

And so much of being Kiran’s mom is feeling like I am never enough. Like I am failing him somehow. So having someone alongside me to support me in caring for Kiran and build me up when I need it….

It will be a transition. I’ve started talking to Kiran about it, and I think he’s most excited that Pickle and Olive will be living with us (My cats, who have been living with Eric for about two and a half years now – bless his heart!).

I am excited for this. I am ready. And to have an accessible home for Kiran, especially after he weighed in at over 35 lbs at his appt Wed, is priceless. I can’t wait.


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