IEP, Year Two

I was attempting to borrow trouble before it was our time.

I had nothing to worry about this year, as it pertained to Kiran’s IEP meeting.  He truly has a fantastic team in place, and they all really give me the feeling they have his best interests at heart.

It helps that the preschool environment is inclusive by nature.  It will get harder, but it doesn’t have to be harder now.

I felt heard, respected, and like part of the team.  I was pleased with members of the team that spoke up to ensure things were being addressed clearly and documented properly.  All of my concerns and suggestions were readily accepted and will be put in the document.

I still need to educate myself more on this process and this document and what it will look like moving forward.  I need to educate myself more on what inclusion could look like for Kiran, and I need to prepare myself to respectfully advocate for it.

I didn’t put a lot of thought or effort into this IEP meeting – It was a last minute list I threw together.  It can’t continue that way.  He deserves more.  And it will get harder.  And he will need an advocate.

And that’s my job.

But for now, here’s to another great year with a great team – looking forward to some awesome progress this year!


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