Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Kiran and I were able to cross two things off our summer bucket list on Friday night: We went to Kiran’s first ever Iowa Cubs baseball game, and we saw fireworks together after the game.

A lot was learned.  First of all, next time, we will make sure we arrive two plus hours before the start of the game.  It was a bit hectic finding parking, no accessible spots (or any spots) were close by the time we got down there, and we ended up trekking a bit with the wheelchair.  Thankfully, it’s doable, and we made it.

Couple other big takeaways: We will never sit in accessible seating in Section U again.  I actually wish the ticketing agent would have been more helpful when I called to purchase the tickets – it would have been helpful to know this is right by the dugout so kids would literally be swarming our seats at the end of each inning, trying to get players to throw them the game balls … Not super fun to have to be vigilant and make sure these ball-hungry kids treated the wheelchair and Kiran’s space with respect – and most of the game I was watching for foul balls flying, so I didn’t really appreciate the encouragement to have balls thrown in our direction either!

For the most part, it was a minor inconvenience, but it really started to wear on us around the seventh inning.

And finally, after checking two different women’s restrooms and resorting to changing Kiran on his changing mat on the gross bathroom floor, I saw the sign that stated diaper changing areas are at first aid, located behind home base.  Important info, for next time.

It was actually, truth be told, a fairly stressful outing for this mama, especially on a Friday night after a long week.  But man, when I saw his excited face once the fireworks display began, it was all worth it.  His dad always gets to spend fourth of July with Kiran, so I try to make a point to see fireworks with him another day.  I had all but given up on making this happen – and had kinda given up on an Iowa Cubs game this summer too – but I am glad we went.

It matters, which is why we do it.  Even when it’s stressful and it doesn’t go as planned and you have unforeseen frustrations and knowledge acquired too late.

But next year, when we take Kiran to another game, we know the drill.  So thankful to be able to give him these great experiences.



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