Heart Reminder

Because I value you, and I care about your anxiety level, I will not put you through what I went through this afternoon: We have no added concerns about Kiran’s heart function at this time.

You’re welcome.

Normal Monday morning.  Kiran’s dad, who Kiran spent the weekend with, texted me wanting a phone call about Kiran’s cough.  He was concerned about the frequency and that it was “wet” sounding.  I asked if he felt we should get him in to see the pediatrician this afternoon, and he agreed to call the nurse to see what she thought.

As we were waiting for the nurse to call back, we also discussed how we have noticed Kiran’s urine output has increased lately, especially overnight.  We ended up growing impatient waiting for a callback and just made an appointment for this afternoon.

Then Dr. J herself called Kiran’s dad back, and he spoke with her about our concerns.  He asked me to call him immediately after.

Dr. J had some concerns, with his cough and urine output, that he might be retaining fluid.  Which would be a heart issue.

My stomach dropped, I immediately felt sick, and my anxiety ramped up.  It was NOT something I was expecting to hear today.  Kiran’s cough has been lingering yes, but I wasn’t yet concerned enough about it for yet another doctor office visit.  So I certainly wasn’t thinking HEART.

We had a very long visit with Dr. J today.  We were there for at least an hour and a half, in fact.  Everything looked good.  This seems to be Kiran’s way – not that I am complaining – he concerns us with all these symptoms, and then he’s just fine.  Oxygen saturation was great at 98, lungs sounded perfect, ears/nose/throat all looked fine, no giant lymph nodes, no swelling, no stomach protrusion, heart sounded good.

Because increased urine output can also indicate diabetes, we did check his blood sugar and A1C – both came back normal.  We discussed pros and cons of a chest x-ray – a part of me really wanted to do it, just for the added encouragement – but ultimately we didn’t feel it was necessary.  Nothing Dr. J saw during our visit made her think he was retaining fluid or that this was a heart issue at all.  Though we can’t exactly explain the urine output, it simply appears he has a cold and/or allergies.

Which I knew.

We talked at length about things to look for if he is retaining fluid, what to do if we don’t see the urine output go back to normal once the illness clears up, some plans of attack, things it might be, the measles outbreak and his upcoming second dose and what to do if the measles make their way to the area…..

We covered a lot today.

Here’s what today reminded me.  It’s something I KNOW, but I tuck it away, at the very back corners of my brain: This heart journey is not over.  We have to be diligent and not grow complacent (not that we have, but a good reminder).

And it’s never crazy to just visit Dr. J.  We like her anyway.

My heart might need a little extra TLC after the rollercoaster of the afternoon.  But Kiran’s heart appears to be just fine.

For now.




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