Let Them Stare

I have never sugarcoated our life. Parenting a special needs child can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed and exhausted. I push forward, but everything is magnified – all of the physical, mental, and emotional stuff becomes heavier to carry.

Library story time today, the heaviness was evident in my movements. So much, Kiran is unable to do. I have to be his hands and feet, to wiggle and dance during the songs. I’m going to be honest, as I have always been: my heart wasn’t in it today.

And then after, when I put Kiran in the wheelchair and we started heading toward the doors, two kids approached him. And my heart grew light. And I was happy I could be Kiran’s voice. I was happy I could help him make friends and have a joyful moment.

The heavy became so light, I could have thrown it across the room. The burden became a joy.

Parents, hear me: Let your kids approach. Let them stand awkwardly and stare. I can take it from there. I can be my son’s voice. I can show them the light-up wheels on his chair. I can help facilitate Kiran being just another kid who wants friendship.

Please. Encourage your kids to say hi to everyone. Tell them it is good to be friends with all people and that friendships don’t always look the same.

Believe me. I cannot possibly be the only special needs parent who feels this way. It lifts the spirits, and it reminds me how lucky I am, to be Kiran’s mom.


One thought on “Let Them Stare

  1. Holly, your words and your honesty are absolutely magnificent ! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I love and miss you very much.


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