New Wheels

For those not on facebook (or not friends with me), I don’t think I can say anything better than I said on the posts yesterday and today:

Yesterday’s post: “I get a front row seat.  Your story is unfolding, and I am so lucky I get to tell it from a mother’s perspective.  You see, your story is my story too.  Our stories are interwoven and unable to be untangled from one another.  You are mine, my sweet darling boy, and I will always be yours.

You have taught me how love and fear and joy and mourning all coexist and cannot exist without the other.

Time marches on.  Transition is coming.  Tomorrow is an important day in our story.”

Today’s: “This is the first day of the rest of your life.

New wheels.  A new way of navigating our world.  We will figure it out, together.”

It’s here.  The wheelchair is here.  And today was a day of unexpected tears – tears of joy and tears of sorrow; tears of excitement and tears of fear.  It was emotional and important – a “big day in the life”.

The life I am so lucky to share with my precious boy.



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