First of all, our nurses rocked today! Easiest and best (FIRST TRY!) IV placement Kiran has ever had! It makes such a difference in the overall experience when it doesn’t start in a traumatic way.

The anesthesia team took Kiran back a few moments ago. I felt very comfortable and confident in all our team members. Their plan was to intubate Kiran once he is under. I hadn’t really considered this being a possibility, but he said with Kiran’s excess drooling/risk of aspiration, heart history, and developmental delays, it would be important to do so. Makes complete sense.

Kiran has never had any issues with anesthesia, nor has he had any issues with being extubated in the OR. So, we are not anticipating any surprises this morning.

The scan should take about 50 minutes, making this next hour a long one.


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