Kiran has made some pretty remarkable progress in the last three weeks. This intensive physical therapy is no joke, and he continues to amaze me every week. 

After one week in the cage, he started holding himself up in the hands and knees position. For 30-40 seconds at a time (sometimes). This is incredible, because it is not something he has ever done before. He doesn’t like being in that position – or any position stomach-down – and works to get OUT of that position as quickly as possible. But now – he tolerates it. He is strong enough to hold himself up. 

After the second week in the cage, the length of time he will stand at the couch has increased immensely. Five seconds used to be good. And – I’m no good at remembering to time usually, much to the dismay of Kiran’s physical therapist – but I swear he will stand up for a minute at least!  (Again, sometimes. An enticing toy and non-tired boy have to be present for it to work).  

And the last session of our third week in the cage, the PT reduced the amount of assistance he was given during the standing portion of his therapy. And he rocked it. 

I am so thrilled we were given this opportunity for this therapy. It is such a fun and interesting session to be a part of (thank goodness, since it starts at 8 am 3 mornings a week!), and the progress just brings tears to my eyes. I couldn’t be more proud of how hard Kiran works and how much he is learning. 


One thought on “Strength

  1. This cheerleader is doing flips and chanting Hurrah For Kiran !! He is one smart cookie and pretty soon you are going to be chasing him down like an average toddler ! Love these little reports.


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