Brief Update

I have been meaning to update. For weeks it seems. Since I have been ill today and we have surgery in Iowa City tomorrow, you just get the snapshots:

Remember that monumentally busy first week at the beginning of March?  It ended with Kiran graduating from home health nursing!  He received his last synagis shot that day and has been deemed stable enough to no longer need the nurse check-ups. This is huge and emotional. We have had – and loved – the same nurse from the day after we brought Kiran home from the hospital the first time. Aside from family and a few close friends, she has seen Kiran the most and knows him the best. How exciting to be graduating – yay, he’s healthy! – but how sad to say goodbye to someone who helped keep my sanity for so many months. 

We took our first plane trip as a family for fun March 10-15. We were able to visit friends in Seattle and had a wonderful time. It was so exciting to finally introduce him around!  We were also so thrilled to be able to take our family friend and babysitter along to introduce her to the city – and give us the freedom for nights out. 

I had such big plans for today. I worked hard yesterday getting the house ready and caught up for the week so I could really have a fun day with Kiran. He’s 17 months old today!  He goes in for eye surgery tomorrow. I wanted laughs and snuggles and books and just time with him. I always do, but today seemed important. 

Instead, I spent quality time being incredibly ill from about 2 am until 7 am – and the rest of the day weak and tired in bed, determined to not get Kiran sick and have to reschedule tomorrow. 

The plus?  It happened today and not tomorrow. I cannot imagine having to stay home and not be there for my baby boy. So. I will sleep, and we will have a very early start in the morning. 

I leave you with good moments from the last couple days – being introduced to the swings at the park. Finally. This mama has been waiting, and he did great!


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