I have never been big on New Year’s resolutions.  I think we always have a choice, every day, to live our lives differently.  Nothing magical happens on the first of the year that allows us to reset or change our ways.  We have that power every day – heck, every moment – of every year.  That being said, I do find myself taking stock of the past year and looking ahead to what this year may hold.

I got off track at the end of 2016.  It absolutely makes sense to me why.  As we approached the stress of Kiran’s big surgery – and then, as we celebrated the outcome – a lot of things just didn’t take priority in our lives.  Things like exercise and healthy eating – and it shows.  It is something I have known I need to get back on track for some time now, but I wasn’t ready to make that choice.  I’m starting to get ready.

One thing I feel we have been doing right: family and friends.  Love.  Putting our time and energy into the people in our lives that deserve it – that fulfill us, that support us, that love us.  I am willing to let everything else slide – the state of my house, perfect finances, even healthy eating – to get this piece right.  This, to me, is the most important thing in life.  It is my number one priority.  The experiences in my life, this last year with Kiran included, have firmly put this into perspective for me.  I hope I never grow complacent in this area, no matter what else may be happening.

And really, it’s the biggest thing I want to teach my son.  To put people above things.  To drop everything, no matter what or when, for a friend who needs you.  To love wholly and love well.


One thought on “2017

  1. Hi Holly. This is the very thing I have been studying in a great book on the attributes of God called None Like Him. You said it well and you are speaking truth! Thank you for this reminder! As you bless others in the year ahead, may you be richly blessed in return!💕


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