Kiran had his echo this morning.  It’s amazing how quickly my brain is transported to a state of panic.  I seem to always go to the worst-case scenario.  As we were waiting for Dr. M to read the results of the echo, I was just clutching Kiran, trying to make my heart stop racing.  It didn’t work until I heard these words:

The echo looked great.  Everything looked as it should.  The echo technician was then able to tell us that she wouldn’t have even been able to tell he was a heart kid by what she saw – that is how wonderful Dr. Hanley is!  It continues to amaze me that he has near-normal function now.  Crazy.

Of course, this doesn’t answer the question of why he is sweating and why his heart rate has been elevated.

We kept our appointment with the pediatrician, just so I could be sure there wasn’t something basic I was missing.  She checked for any signs of infection and just did an overall body check on him.  We chatted about his symptoms.  We chatted about his tummy issues and some feeding changes.  Overall, he looked fantastic.  We are a bit stumped.  Our pediatrician is going to do some reading on it – and I am going to continue to pay even closer attention to when these episodes are happening – and we are going to chat again early next week.

I did reach out to the MAPCAs mamas and papas facebook group yesterday, and one mom said something that made sense to me.  Her son also had the sweating episodes – bad enough that she would sometimes have to change sheets in the middle of the night, even! – and her cardiologist told her his body just needed time to regulate to his new anatomy.  She said the sweating went away right around six weeks post op, which seems to be the magical timeframe for everything.  I am hopeful that may be all that is happening here.

So – no definitive answers.  That seems to often be the case.  But definitely good to know his heart and arteries are looking as they should.


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