We are still trying to get a handle on Kiran’s discomfort. He had a rough night – I was up comforting him often and didn’t sleep much.  During rounds, we decided to put him back on around-the-clock Tylenol, continue with the Ativan and follow a very slow weaning schedule, and add fiber to his formula to help him with his tummy issues. We will also try to feed him some yogurt today for his tummy. 

Depending on how all of that goes today – and if we can at least start weaning the Ativan tonight to see how he handles it – we may still be discharged tomorrow. It is also possible we will be here another day – or two – beyond that. We want to make sure his pain and discomfort is being managed, and ensure we feel comfortable taking over the management. 

Overall, he’s doing great. We are seeing more and more playfulness and plan to take him for a walk again this afternoon. He hasn’t had any more episodes of high heart rate, so it seems that was just a fluke. 

In some ways, I am so ready to bust out of here. In other ways, I am completely fine if we end up staying an extra day…or more. Like our new neighbors on the floor said: We want to go home, but we don’t want to have to come back!


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