Procedure Outcome 

Dr. Hanley was able to do the full repair!!!  Everything went well. They found and patched all six collaterals. He felt so confident with how things were looking, he didn’t even do the flow study … He just moved forward and did the repair. 

Normal heart anatomy pressures in the pulmonary artery is around 20. With this heart anatomy, after the repair, they shoot for a pressure below 50. Kiran is at 23-24!!!

They were able to close his chest. Dr. Hanley said we need to take recovery slowly with him. His right ventricle is very oversized due to the high blood pressures he was experiencing for many months longer than they normally like (normally Dr Hanley likes to do this at 3-4 months old; Kiran is 10 1/2 months old today!)

We could not have asked for better news, and we will get to see our baby sometime in the next hour or so ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for all the prayers, encouragements, thoughts, vibes … keep them coming … Recovery will be a hard road, but we feel so lucky to be stepping out on this path!


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