This is the long part of the day. No details – just broad updates. We just got our third phone call since Kiran went into the OR. He continues to do well, and everything is going as planned. 

I am so thankful the updates are more frequent than we were originally told. I couldn’t make it four hours. After each positive update, I enjoy a brief period of calm. Then my anxieties amp up until I can hardly stand it … Then comes the next call.  It’s a roller coaster I am doing my best to ride gracefully today. 

A volunteer gave us a tour of the CVICU where Kiran will go immediately after surgery. She also showed us the step-down unit and a few family lounges. I came back thoroughly overwhelmed. It is not that I was oblivious to the long road to recovery – it is just that it is easier for me to take things one step at a time. This is surgery day. I need to take this in, and then I will be able to steady myself enough to take the next step. 

My baby is rocking it. He is my hero. 


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