Update – Eyes and Feet

I meant to write this out yesterday, because I plan to reflect on the past six months later today….

Kiran had his vision assessed again yesterday. He continues to make steady progress visually. We see it. His eyes shake less, he turns toward noises, and he tries to track and can for a few seconds.  He went up two points on the assessment!  We will take it. Progress is progress, and I am so relieved he’s making some. 

We had an ortho appointment yesterday as well. His feet look really good!  The puffiness I was concerned about isn’t really puffiness – it’s just the way his baby fat forms due to being in the shoes/brace. It is totally normal and nothing to worry about!  And his big toes (that I sometimes worry look funky) look fine. It’s funny all the little worries that start prickling at my brain. We get to go down to just nighttime with the brace – 12 hours at night!!!  No more middle of the day!!!!  Very excited about this. 

I love good appointment days. Good news days. We are trucking along. Oh – and the little chunk is over 14 pounds now!  My growing baby boy. đź’™


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