My realization this morning: In less than two short weeks, my precious Kiran will be six months old!  I cannot believe I have had the privilege of being his momma for almost half a year.  As anyone reading this knows, it has been quite the eventful life – and a big change for his daddy and me.

I have been struggling lately, feeling bogged down by the daily aspects of his care.  It requires a lot, and I am only one person.  Some days I feel like all I do is what is necessary to keep him alive.  I forget to slow down and enjoy the snuggles, the smiles, the laughs.  I forget to take him outside and walk around the park next door.  I forget to soak it all in – to breathe in his scent, to enjoy the feeling of his weight in my arms.

It has always been my desire to live a present, mindful life.  I veer off the path frequently and have to quiet my mind and turn my feet back in the right direction.  That is what I am attempting to do today.  Forgive myself for where I’ve been and make a point to get back to where I desire to be.


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