Living at the ER

We were at the ER this afternoon due to Kiran having a very high respiration rate and deeper than normal retractions. After being sent to the doctor yesterday by our home health nurse for the same thing – and it being an even worse episode – I figured I better call the doctor to see what our plan of attack should be.
I made it very clear to Kiran this is a wonderful record that we NEVER need to break. Two times to the ER in one week. Crazy.

They sent us home. Thank goodness. His heart looked good and his oxygen saturation remained good through all of it. He seems to have somehow caught another virus (poor kid – we never take him anywhere and he still gets sick). No signs of infection – lungs are clear – so all the horrible things it could be it’s not. 

We were told to just be diligent with his care (as we always are, of course) and that it’s better for us to get him through it at home if we can than have him be admitted, (um, yeah!) because we don’t want him to catch anything worse. 

Here is hoping we can get him through this without needing to go back.  

This has been a week. I am hoping next week will be much quieter and calmer, for all our sakes. 



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