I did sleep tonight, from approximately 10:30 to 1:30, when Kiran decided he wanted a bottle. Now, I cannot quiet my mind. 

I just don’t know how I will find the strength to hand him over into the doctor’s hands later today. I have heard such wonderful things about the cath lab doctor, but it’s not enough to quell my anxieties. 

Granted, everything is very likely to go smoothly today. (And then my brain says: “but what if it doesn’t?”)  

I know Kiran is loved. I know so many of you (ok, all of you taking the time to read this) are praying for him, sending him good thoughts, pulling for him. I will do my best today, through all my emotions, to keep the blog updated.

My sweet, sleepy little prince. Or, as his daddy calls him, “the King of tribes”  He is my heart. 




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