Iowa City or Bust

I was hoping the doctor’s appointment this morning would be definitive, and it was, but not necessarily in the way I was hoping.

We just got on the freeway, and we are headed to Iowa City. 

What I know: Jalebi’s movement is good, amniotic fluid levels are good, blood flow through the umbilical cord is good, and I am measuring one week behind (normal). I am only dilated to one cm.  However, Jalebi is measuring small – he only weighs around 5 lbs, 10 or 11 oz (They could be as much as a half pound off on this).  And my blood pressure was high today. (Granted, they took it right after I found out my baby boy is measuring small – we really want him to be big – so yeah, I was a little frazzled at the time).

Still, my Ob in town contacted Iowa city, and they decided they want to evaluate me today. It doesn’t necessarily mean I will be admitted or induced today, but I will be checking in to Labor and Delivery for more tests. 

So – here we go. The next chapter begins. Thoughts, prayers, vibes, encouragement all appreciated. 


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